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Back To The Sewing Room Reorganization

Did you think I forgot about it? I needed a bookcase out of storage that I couldn’t easily remove until I got rid of the sofa. Mission accomplished yesterday – sofa gone and bookcase retrieved. Now I can access all … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Granola And Soy Yogurt

I’m on a roll trying new specialty foods. The headaches got out of control and I had to get serious about eliminating milk and gluten from my diet. My reaction to milk worsened over the past year to the point … Continue reading

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A Little Bit About a Lot Of Things

School started last week, so of course the weather turned warmer. I think there’s some kind of rule that the start of the school year has to be hot and humid. With threats of another brutal winter, I can live … Continue reading

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Stash Report And Block Progress

You’d think I’d stay away from the quilt shops with all the fabric I’ve bought this year, but what’s a girl’s day out if you don’t stop at four quilt shops? I held my ground at the first two. The … Continue reading

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Girls Day Out

I had the day off today and used it to hit the road with a friend. Our travels led us to quilt shops, thrift stores and gourmet popcorn. My personal favorite was the used bookstore where I picked up one … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Pretzels

I haven’t done a gluten free food review in forever. I am still trying new products and need to get back to posting about them. I found these pretzels at the store a couple weeks ago. I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Stash Report And One Less Room

I didn’t buy or use any fabric this week. I keep sewing up blocks for Joan’s Garden. Does the block look familiar to anyone? I bought the kit at an estate sale with no pattern included. Yesterday I cleaned all … Continue reading

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The Thinking Part Of Organizing

I’ve thought a lot about my sewing space this week. It’s easy to see that the best case scenario would consolidate all my quilty stuff into one room. It’s just as easy to see that’s not going to happen. The … Continue reading

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Stash Report And Garden Progress

I didn’t use or buy any fabric this week. I did sew all the small rectangles to the squares, press them open and trim the ones that need it. The original quilter cut some pieces too big and I did … Continue reading

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Organization And The Prolific Quilter

I have never been what anyone would call a prolific quilter. I make small quilts, and not many of them. I could live with it until I bought almost 70 yards of fabric this year. Yikes! I used over 20 … Continue reading

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