The Thinking Part Of Organizing

I’ve thought a lot about my sewing space this week.

It’s easy to see that the best case scenario would consolidate all my quilty stuff into one room. It’s just as easy to see that’s not going to happen.

The next best thing would put everything in two rooms. I can do that. I can’t do it in a day, but I can do that.

The day license boy moves out I am taking back my old sewing room. I can only hope that will be sometime before he turns 30.

My old sewing room had a lot more uninterrupted wall space where I installed shelves. Storage is more challenging without all that shelf space. I miss it something fierce and will have to adapt.

In order to see the changes, I have to show you where I’m at. I’m starting to the left of the door and going around the room.

The dresser holds fabric and a few drawers of miscellaneous supplies. There is a basket full of clothing I plan to turn into rugs just out of sight to the left. UfO boxes live on the floor underneath.


The bed holds quilts in progress, quilt books and magazines I haven’t read, UFO boxes, fabric for current projects, batting, notebooks, etc. There’s a small design wall over the headboard. I have a few things stored underneath, but not much since the mildew incident.

The bookshelf holds books, magazines, fabric scraps, UFOs, thread, paint and God only knows what else.


I’m grateful I can get to it now. A month ago the floor space in front of it was filled with more stuff. A large design wall sits behind the bookcase. Hard to believe we actually use this as a guest bedroom every so often.

My sewing table sits in front of the next wall. I love that table. It’s heavy and sturdy, never shaking when I sew. One of those plastic three drawer rolling units filled with general supplies sits on the far side.


Except for a few finished quilts, I have no quilting items in the closet. Definitely something to think about now that I’ve cleaned up enough to open the doors.

The ironing board sits in front of some small shelves. One shelf holds books and magazines, but the others contain mostly small sentimental items or art supplies. Underneath the wall mounted shelves are some portable shelves that hold all that fabric I bought. My rulers live behind the door.

I’m embarrassed to admit I have quilty stuff in five more rooms.

Yeah. Five. But not nearly as much stuff.

That’s a post for another day.

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2 Responses to The Thinking Part Of Organizing

  1. Denise says:

    Hi Donna,
    Our youngest daughter is moving out this weekend. She turns 30 on September 2nd. I will now have a quilting room. I will have to paint the room first before I move in. I have quilting/ sewing stuff in almost every room of the house. I will be anxiously watching your room transformation.

  2. Gayle says:

    I removed the doors from the room entrance and to the closet because the swing of the door cut into the space. I kept the doors of course. There is nothing on the closet now and We put one of those folding accordion doors on the entrance just last year to keep the cat out and the conditioned air in. I recommend it!

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