Stash Report And One Less Room

I didn’t buy or use any fabric this week. I keep sewing up blocks for Joan’s Garden.


Does the block look familiar to anyone? I bought the kit at an estate sale with no pattern included.

Yesterday I cleaned all my quilt stuff out of the living room. I only had to move a small stack of magazines, maybe a dozen or so. I also measured a bookcase in storage to see if it will fit in the sewing room and resolve some of the storage problems. It will fit, but it’s at the back of the storage unit. It won’t be fun to get it out of there.

I’m linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.

Fabric in: 68 3/8 yards

Fabric out: 21 5/8 yards

Net Added: 46 3/4 yards

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4 Responses to Stash Report And One Less Room

  1. Charlene S says:

    Sometimes we sew but don’t count!

  2. Kate says:

    Every little bit means you are that much closer to counting it as out. The blocks are looking good.

  3. It almost looks like a disappearing nine patch…at least the two bottom sections do. Maybe it was a combination of leftovers from different blocks?

  4. Gayle says:

    I don’t know but I like that it looks like if you turn them just right you won’t have to worry about matching any seams! Great scrap quilt idea for sure. You’ll have to let us know the sizes of the pieces in the block.

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