Gluten Free Pretzels

I haven’t done a gluten free food review in forever. I am still trying new products and need to get back to posting about them.
I found these pretzels at the store a couple weeks ago.


I don’t know if the store just started carrying them or I missed seeing them. They weren’t with the gluten free foods or the other pretzels. Instead, they were in the snack aisle with the veggie chips and sweet potato tortilla chips. I love those sweet potato chips, but decided to get the pretzels instead.
So good. They taste just like the real thing.
The package says they are certified gluten free, which makes me think the manufacturer runs them on a different line than the gluten version. I’m not so sensitive I couldn’t handle it if they did, but if you are I would call the company just to be on the safe side.
I guess it pays to look around the store sometimes. Usually I breeze past the aisles with all the foods I love and can’t eat. Maybe I should explore a different aisle every week to see if the store added some other goody in a place I wouldn’t think to look for it.
This goody is definitely a keeper.

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