Girls Day Out

I had the day off today and used it to hit the road with a friend. Our travels led us to quilt shops, thrift stores and gourmet popcorn. My personal favorite was the used bookstore where I picked up one quilting book, two art books and a cookbook.


I like the cookbook because the recipes are simple and include a picture. I like to see what I’m making before I make it. Some of the recipes are gluten free and others will be easy to adapt. It doesn’t get any better than that.
I haven’t browsed a quilt shop, except the one where my art quilt group meets, in quite a while and was surprised at the wide range of fabric prices. I suppose it depended on the age of the fabric. Regardless, I have a hard time with a $4.50/yard price variance on what is essentially the same fabric.
Maybe that will help me stick to using stash.

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One Response to Girls Day Out

  1. Gayle says:

    I find it refreshing when shops don’t change the lower priced fabric. Shows they aren’t out to gouge us! I do wonder though how places like Connecting threads can sell “their” fabric line so much cheaper than the shops can get their stuff. Of course since I have never seen their fabric I have no idea what quality it is either.

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