A Little Bit About a Lot Of Things

School started last week, so of course the weather turned warmer. I think there’s some kind of rule that the start of the school year has to be hot and humid. With threats of another brutal winter, I can live with it.
For all my Ohio readers, you’ll be disappointed to know that NQA officially announced they are moving the June show to Little Rock. It was time. As much as I enjoyed the show in Columbus and the classes I took there over the years, attendance declined past the breaking point. It took its toll on the vendors, the entries and the classes. Maybe we’ll see the show come back this way in several years. There’s still Chicago and Grand Rapids.
On the quilting front, I’m down to sewing the last four blocks of Joan’s Garden.


See the frogs in the bottom right?
I’m debating quilting it myself or sending it out. I know how I want it quilted, which helps, and sending it out would free my time up for another project.
I’d also like to scale the blocks down and make another version, either as a baby quilt or a background for an art quilt. I’ll have to add that to “the list”.
Since no one has yet identified the pattern and this is the fastest and easiest quilt I’ve ever pieced, I plan to share the pattern. I figure as soon as I do that someone will claim it as their own. If that happens I will un-post it, but for now the plan is to share.
That’s enough for now as the week rolls on.

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