Gluten Free Granola And Soy Yogurt

I’m on a roll trying new specialty foods. The headaches got out of control and I had to get serious about eliminating milk and gluten from my diet. My reaction to milk worsened over the past year to the point I can’t ignore it. Sad face. The two together can be brutal.
First I tried the gluten free granola because I like foods that crunch and I’m tired of Chex. The more I eat this the more it grows on me. It does have a lot of seeds in it, so I never eat a lot at once. Sometimes my body doesn’t know what to do with all those seeds.


Next I tried the soy yogurt. I love ice cream, cottage cheese and yogurt and they were my big milk cheat foods. The milk free ice creams taste good, but they have SO much sugar in them.
I thought I’d give the soy yogurt a try instead, although it contains a lot of sugar too. I probably should have tried a stronger flavor than vanilla (like black cherry) because the soy gives it an unusual taste. Next time I think I’ll leave that one on the shelf and try the yogurt made from cocoanut milk. Unfortunately, it contains even more sugar than the soy yogurt.
I believe a lot of people with allergies make their own ice cream…not sure about the yogurt. I may be better off buying an ice cream maker so I can control the milk and the sugar. Shocking as it is, I don’t have one of those in storage.
I’d love hearing from you if you make your own ice cream or yogurt – what works, what doesn’t, time involved and how it tastes. Thanks for sharing!

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