Dropping Yogurt, Adding Oatmeal

I’m outdoing myself on the new foods lately.
After trying and not liking the soy yogurt, I switched to coconut milk yogurt. I liked that even less. It has an underlying tang to it that doesn’t appeal to me. I hear there are almond milk yogurts on the market, but I haven’t found them in the local stores.
Since I haven’t found a non-dairy yogurt I like, I’ve dropped the idea of making it myself.
The next new food to hit my table was gluten free oatmeal.


I admit I’m not a big oatmeal fan beyond adding it to chocolate chip cookies. I decided to give it a try with the weather turning colder. I want something hot and filling and satisfying when it’s cold outside.
It rates a thumbs up from me. I even screwed up and added too much water and it still turned out good. It had plenty of apple pieces and not too much cinnamon. Maybe next time I’ll add some nuts. I wouldn’t want something that sweet for breakfast, but I’d eat it for lunch or dinner. It definitely made a healthier dessert than a handful of M&Ms.
I also bought the oatmeal because every ingredient is a recognizable food item. No weird chemicals. No mystery ingredients. I can pronounce every word.
By cutting nearly all the dairy and gluten from my diet I stopped the headaches and feel much better. It took a solid two weeks for me to notice the difference. It’s so easy to get a little sloppy about your diet over time because gradual changes in health tend to go unnoticed. I’m back on track now and ready to try other new foods.

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1 Response to Dropping Yogurt, Adding Oatmeal

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Just read your blog for the 1st time today. I too have tried to cut out dairy and most grains and it is amazing how much better I feel if I stick with it. However it is easy to revert back to my old ways…they were 66 years in the making!

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