November Lovely Year Of Finishes And Short List

I don’t remember what was on the October list, but whatever it was I did not finish it.
That wasn’t the plan. How fortunate every new month brings new opportunities.
The lists needs a bit of a new look, so I changed things up.
My ALYoF project for November is the last Frosty Friends panel. Doesn’t look like much now, but it will go together quick.

After that I have two projects on the Short List. The first is Retro Charm. In spite of how little I work on it, I really do want to finish it.

The second project is a large tote bag. I have a couple patterns in mind, but haven’t made a final decision on that or the fabric. I just want something large and sturdy that I can use to carry things from here to there, which I do all the time. I should have arms like a lumberjack.
With the cold and rainy weekend and the extra hour from DST, I hope to get a jump on the list. Any finish is a good finish.

I’m linking up to Fiber Of All Sorts.

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One Response to November Lovely Year Of Finishes And Short List

  1. farmquilter says:

    I just love the added push I get to finish projects with Lovely Year of Finishes!! I can’t wait to see you meet your goal!!!

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