Gluten Free Granola Stuff

The number of gluten free products in regular grocery stores has exploded. I may not be quilting, but I’m definitely eating. Many new items made it into my pantry to stay.
I love things that crunch, but I can only take so many seeds. I found two granola products I can live with.

gluten-free-granola-productI admit the Udi’s granola is my favorite because it tastes like vanilla and only vanilla. The Love Grown granola is also good, with a strong cinnamon taste. I like cinnamon and use tons of it when baking, but many food manufacturers use cinnamon to mask the sins of alternate flours. Love Grown didn’t do that. Sometimes I just want something that doesn’t taste like cinnamon.
A also bought a couple boxes of Kind granola bars, the square ones and not the long skinny ones. I surprised myself by liking the blueberry better than the chocolate. I don’t find that many blueberry gluten free foods. Chocolate also masks a multitude of sins, and I eat my share. I always appreciate something different.
I like throwing one of these bars in my purse for a quick snack when I need something to eat on the run. It doesn’t take much of one to curb my hunger. I can’t imagine eating a whole bar at once.
I love that they are chewy AND filling. It takes some time to eat them and they get the job done.
Again, no affiliation with any of these companies. Just happy to share a good thing.

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