Forgotten Books

When we were at the thrift shop a few weeks ago I picked up two books. I don’t NEED any more, but I couldn’t resist these.


The first is Creative Quilt Collection from That Patchwork Place. This one came out in 2007, and I bought it because it had quilt patterns in it that I’ve never seen before. I found a few of the patterns oddly compelling. Every pattern in the book was previously published in a different book. I think of it as a “best of” collection.
The second book is The Art Of Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Judith Baker Montano. Need I say more? The way she combines paint, fabric, embroidery, and beads in her art pieces truly inspires me. I can’t think of anyone that does it better.
This is one of her earlier books and doesn’t have as many quilts as later books. The pages still contain plenty of eye candy and detailed instructions. She even includes tips to prevent hand, neck and eye strain while embroidering. I’ll be looking at this one again and again.
I have found some of the best books at that thrift shop. God bless the people that donate them.

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