November ALYoF Finish

The months go so fast.
I finished my November goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.


The goal quilt is the one on the left. I finished the other two earlier this year.
I had two other Short List goals. The first was a tote bag to use for a specific purpose. I decided to use something I already had, so that goal falls off the list. Not exactly a finish, but an open spot on the list either way.
The last item on the list was quilting Retro Charm. I quilted half of the sashing this month. My forward progress gives me hope that sooner or later I will get it done.
I’m linking to Fiber Of All Sorts.

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2 Responses to November ALYoF Finish

  1. Denise says:

    I love how your snowman trilogy turned out!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes they are quite adorable and can b left up through January!!

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