Tension Mystery Resolved

There are things in life I will never understand.
I started having bobbin tension problems with my Pfaff Expressions machine last weekend. It sewed fine for days and then out of the blue the bobbin tension got too tight. This machine does not have a screw that you can turn to loosen the tension.
I messed with it for at least an hour, threading and rethreading the bobbin and the top thread. The samples still looked bad. Finally, I put the quilt back under the machine and it started sewing properly again.
I’m glad it sews right, but I have no idea what caused the problem. I had a different problem with the bobbin last month and fixed it by rewinding the bobbin.
My best guess is that the bobbin thread got twisted during winding and wasn’t coming off the bobbin smoothly. My only other guess is that it was too cold and damp in my sewing room. I turned up the heat when I went in to work on it that night.
I searched the internet for people with similar problems but found nothing. In fact, I couldn’t find any negative comments about this machine. Even the Pfaff website didn’t mention anything about bobbin tension issues.
Go figure. If anyone has had this problem, please leave a comment. I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong.

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