Gluten Free Snacking

‘Tis the season for food everywhere. If you have food allergies like I do, you had to let most of it pass you by. It broke my heart to pass up four Christmas lunches and endless trays of cookies, but it is what it is.
I stashed a few snacks for myself at home and made do with those.
The first was Way Better Snacks sweet potato tortilla chips. I’ve yet to meet a sweet potato chip I didn’t like. I appreciate that there were only a few ingredients and I recognized all of them as actual food items. If I can’t say it I shouldn’t be eating it.


The second snack I picked up Christmas Eve while shopping for our holiday meal. Kroger now carries their own brand of gluten-free animal crackers at a reasonable price. If you have Kroger near you, keep your eyes open for them. They taste like the real thing. It’s nice to have a cinnamon free option.
Keep in mind though that all Krogers are not created equal. We have them all over this area, but they all carry different products. I don’t understand it but have to acknowledge it.
I’ve learned to look for gluten-free foods at every store I shop at, even within the same chain. Target also carries different things at different stores. Go figure.
No affiliation with any of the stores or brands mentioned above. Just sharing the joy.

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