Word Of The Year 2015

How could it be that time again?
Time truly does move faster as the years pass.  Just when I think it couldn’t move any faster, it does. Perhaps 2015 will change all that.  A girl can hope.
My word for 2014 was AllowAllow ended up changing the way I think more than the way I do things. I took advantage of opportunities that would have passed me by if I hadn’t been open to new ways of approaching things. The question became, “What can I do different this time that might work?”. I thought more about what I could do, even if I’d never approached it that way before. Some things worked and others didn’t, but I always walked away with the satisfaction of knowing I’d tried. I can live with that and will continue to keep an open mind.
My 2015 word picked me. For you Harry Potter fans, it’s a little like the wand picking the wizard.  I had other ideas, but they didn’t feel like the right choice in comparison.  So my word for 2015 is Embrace.
I can see this being another year of changing how I look at things.  The gap between where my life is and where I want it to be is so large, in certain areas, that change will have to come in small steps.  The distance is too great to travel all at once without major upheaval, which I’m sure my family would not appreciate.  I think Embrace will try to teach me to love where I am and enjoy the journey.
It’s a lesson worth repeating.
Happy New Year to you and yours. May 2015 bring you health, love and joy.

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1 Response to Word Of The Year 2015

  1. Denise says:

    Hi Donna,
    I’m glad your word chose you. It seems to work better if the word chooses you.
    My word for 2014 was Roses. I wanted to stop and smell the roses (enjoy the nice things in my life), but as luck would have it I was too busy with LIFE to slow down for that.
    My word for 2015 is GOALS. Since June, my life has centered around Lisa’s hip replacement surgery, Joe’s 2 knee replacement surgeries with physical therapy, and my hand surgery with occupational therapy. I have become lazy with my hobbies. I’ve been too busy taking care of people and myself that I’ve let my hobbies go by the wayside. My hand will take another 2-3 months before it is completely healed. I went back to work before Christmas for a week and a half. I’ve been on winter break for the last week and a half. The healing is going much more slowly than I thought it would.
    It’s time to set goals and return to what I love to do.
    Have a Happy New Year!!

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