Weather Week From Hell

The first full week back to the normal routine has been anything but. Wind, snow and brutal cold came in with a vengeance. License boy had one full day of school this week. It’s like he’s still on Christmas break.
Work has really cut into my creative time…again.
As prep for doing some fabric painting, I went back and pulled info from the Inspired To Design class I took through Quilt University a few years ago. The teacher, Elizabeth Barton, now has a book out by the same name – and yes I do own it. I wanted to look back at some of my ideas for working in series. I see she now has a book on that too. It makes sense, given the volume of information provided during the QU class.
I plan to browse the notes more, but I did pick one of the ideas from the notes for a painted series. For now I’m keeping the topic a surprise. It is a different topic than the one I picked to explore in the class.
I don’t know if I posted it at the time or not, but here’s the picture and corresponding sketch from the class.


Something happened at the time and I couldn’t keep up with the class. I never made it past the sketch to make the quilt. I did submit the sketch for review and received positive feedback. In all this time I never forgot the picture or the sketch.
It’s one of those ideas that won’t go away.
Perhaps it will make The Short List before year end.

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