This Week In The Sewing Room

My efforts to get in the sewing room daily this year are paying off. I definitely feel better and my mood improved. I don’t make fast progress, but I make progress.
Quilting continues on Retro Charm.
I cut out the background and borders for the Sunflower quilt. The top needs sewn together first because the appliqué spills over into the border.
I keep reviewing the class material from the Inspired To Design class. I’m spending more time on the material now than I did during the class. The timing feels better this time around.
As I reviewed the examples and links, I discovered the art of Gerhard Richter. I’m fascinated by some of his abstract work in layering paint. Sound familiar? Remember that series work I planned to do using the secret topic? I may abandon that topic for something inspired by Richter’s work. I requested a book from the library so I could spend more time learning about his art and career.
I like the way this is going. It fits the spirit of the class.
I think this is going to be a good year.

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