Slow Sunflower Progress

No one will ever accuse me of prolific quilting.
I worked on the Sunflower quilt every night this week. The background is finished, the shapes are traced onto paper backed fusible web and I’m ready to cut and fuse.

sunflower-backgroundDoesn’t look like much, does it?

I’m about a third of the way through quilting the border on Retro Charm. I had big plans to quilt like crazy this weekend, but my husband invited a friend in from out of town and the sewing room will have to transform into the guest room. I may just set up in the living room and sew there. The guys will be too busy talking about guy things to notice.
I doubt I’ll finish either quilt this month. I’m more likely to finish both next month.

At this pace The Short List will last me two months instead of one. I’ll give it more time to get a feel for it. I do know the next UFO I put on the list will be much smaller. Once I get the momentum of a few finishes I’ll work on a larger project again.
No new bed size quilt projects this year! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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