Five Weeks With A Plan

Energy flows where attention goes, or so I hear.
I’m in month two of the quilting plan. I got through the part where I wanted to start something new. I can see the end of the first project and feel the excitement of working on something else.
A lot of people do well working on several things at once, but I’m not one of them. I do so much better when I focus my energy on one thing, get it done and move on.
Is the four-part Short List a plan that will work for me this year? Yeah, I think it is.
I realize now that if any one of the four projects takes multiple months to complete, I will have to fill the rest of the list with smaller projects. As much as I like finishing a big project, it gives me nothing to talk about. Really…how many pictures of the same quilt do you want to see? Boring for both of us.
I started using a similar system at work and for household projects. The household Short List has worked the best because I can usually finish a task in a couple hours. Instant gratification.
After a few more months I’ll re-evaluate, but for now I feel that simple is better and focusing on the few simplified things.

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