A Craftsy Class Question

Should I, or shouldn’t I?
Seems like everyone is talking about Craftsy these days. I see quilters buying classes like I check books out of the library. Now I’m not one to do something just because a lot of other people do it, but my inner student loves the idea of learning something new.
I took classes at the now defunct Quilt University. I liked the feed back from the teacher, but I never could keep up with the schedule. For me, the feedback made the experience valuable. Life inevitably got in the way.
The fact that Craftsy classes move at work-at-your-own-pace schedule appeals to me. The lack of feedback doesn’t. I’m having a hard time understanding how these classes are any different from buying a book or DVD and working through it.
I’ve also read the reviews for several classes. I may be wrong here, but it looks like a lot of people rate the classes without doing the classes. How can someone know the instructions are thorough without testing them? It’s like saying a recipe tastes good without baking the cake. How do you know that?
So I’m looking for some feedback here. Have you taken a Craftsy class? Did you do the projects, make the food, sew the purse, etc.? What makes it better than buying the book and self-teaching? Remember, I have that love affair with books.
If I take the plunge, the class will be Stupendous Stitching with Carol Ann Waugh.
So should I, or shouldn’t I?

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5 Responses to A Craftsy Class Question

  1. barbara woods says:

    I enjoy the pause button, and live the free motion quilting classes, the make a block a month ones I lose interest

  2. pacook66 says:

    I’ve taken a number of classes on Craftsy. Some of them were well worth the money as I learned new techniques or easier ways of doing things. Some weren’t worth as much to me as they either didn’t appeal to me once I got into the class or I felt the class really dragged and was too elementary. I like the ability to work at my own pace and go back and watch sections again. So, overall, I’d say my experience was positive and I’d recommend it.

  3. This is my second attempt. I hope the other one is completely lost rather than appear half done… But in any case, I wanted to comment on your question on the Craftsy classes. I have purchased a lot of them, completed only a few and have watched enough to know which ones where I can just watch to get the idea of how to do something and which ones I actually need to do the project to consider it complete. For some classes like knitting or cooking classes, you have to actually do the project to know if the class was a good class. But I like to watch the FMQ classes so I can understand the concepts and implement ideas in my own quilting rather than actually do the class project. I enjoy them.

  4. Dee says:

    I’ve taken a few Craftsy classes and thought they were very good. You do get feedback…..there is a way to ask questions and get a response from both the instructor and other students. I don’t know how the instructors do that, as the class never expires and you wouldn’t think they’d want to be answering questions for the rest of their lives! The only trouble I’ve had is with the video not streaming smoothly. You might want to try one of the free ones to get a feel for it.

  5. Sherry V. says:

    I’ve gotten quite a few of the Craftsy classes. But I have to admit, most of them were the freebies or were on sale. Since I haven’t found a way to download the classes, in case Craftsy should go the way of Quilt University, I am hesitant to spend a lot of money on the classes.

    The needle tatting class was ok. . . .but I found better “beginner” information on YouTube (for free) and now feel more confident to try going back to the Craftsy class.

    I think the level of enjoyment also would depend on the computer speed. I have a modem and it seems that the videos are not buffering quickly because there are delays or “skips” in the classes.

    There is a place to ask questions and get information back. . . but I don’t know how quickly that happens since I have not done it.

    Perhaps you could try one of the freebie classes to see if it is something that you would like.

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