Interrupted Plans

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on taking Craftsy classes. Many people suggested I try one of the free classes, which I plan to do. Your comments were interesting and insightful. Reading them helped me understand Craftsy’s appeal.
Work continues on Retro Charm. That quilt will be my main focus this weekend.
I planned to work on the Art Quilt Group challenge instead, but someone else had different ideas about the weekend and I’ve been ousted from my sewing room. The entire weekend. Which sucks, because group is Tuesday.
Guess I’ll have to shoot for next month.
I did audition the Cherrywood fabrics and decided on theses dark purples. I even cut up the batik, an act of faith on my part since I’m not sure how I’ll put this all together.


The final quilt may look a lot like this, or it might be three separate little quilts somehow hooked together. I won’t know until I play with it.
So many ideas. This would be the place to self-edit.

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