When Cold Cancels Quilts

My Art Quilt Group meeting was cancelled last night due to weather. The winds kicked up out of the south and drifted the east-west roads, and then they shifted to the West and drifted the north-south roads. I got the cancellation, but I didn’t have to like it.

I used the unexpected free time to try out different paints on felted wool. I decided to appliqué symbols on the batik challenge squares. I chose black for the symbols so they would show, but I only have cream-colored wool.


The samples from left to right are black fabric paint, purple fabric paint and black acrylic paint.

The acrylic paint didn’t cover the fabric as well and had a gray cast to it.

The purple paint was an accident. I thought I grabbed black and decided to give it a try anyway. That one dried much lighter than it looked wet.

The black fabric paint was my fave. I got the best coverage and the most color saturation.
I also decided to hand appliqué the symbols. I’m really enjoying hand stitching the binding on Retro Charm. I hadn’t realized I missed handwork until I picked it up again. Maybe a slow stitch project should have been category #5 on The Short List.

No kicking me out of the sewing room this weekend. Looking forward to some quality time with my fabric paints.

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