Choosing New Ground

I’ve been thinking about the March Short List and how little I’ve finished this year. The natural response, of course, is to work on four things at once.
I haven’t forgotten about layering paint inspired by the art of Gerhard Richter. This technique will take time because the paint has to dry between each application. It makes sense to fit this project in between all the others.
For step one I need to choose background fabric. I want to start with something that has a definite color pattern.

hand-dyed-backgroundsBoth fat quarters are my hand dyes. I can’t imagine using the grape/yellow fabric in a quilt. The colors came out flat and dull. Not a dyeing success. The blue/purple fabric is not 100% cotton. You probably can’t tell in the picture, but the cross-threads didn’t take the dye. I did some kind of shibori rubber band technique on this one. Love the effect, hate the fabric.
I decided to start with the grape/yellow fabric. Next step I will highlight the yellow areas with bright yellow paint. I want to create parts of the background that will shine through the layers.
This is going to be SO fun.

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