Paint Layering Progress

I went a little crazy with the paint.

paint-layering-R2The biggest surprise came when I painted blue over the yellow areas and got green. I didn’t expect that since it didn’t happen with the first blue.
I also flipped the fabric so what was the top is now the bottom. The heavier paint lines at the top made the fabric look “off”.
I’ve had a few comments asking me what I plan to do with the fabric. For now it thinks it wants to be an art quilt. It told me to paint a thin wash of a light color over the entire surface to tone down the dark spots and soften the lines. So that’s what I plan to do for the next round.
I don’t think too hard about what I paint. We’re talking a fat quarter here. If it looks like crap I’ll either paint over it or turn it over and start again or use it as a backing for a small quilt. The fun is in the freedom. Worst case I’ll use it as a rag to wipe up my paint splatters or clean brushes.
I don’t plan further than the next round, although I keep thinking about stamping with bubble wrap. Using metallic paint. And different sizes of bubble wrap. How fun is that?

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