Applique-ing The Stash

It was a busy quilting week here.
I finished the batik challenge, picture in the last post. I never did count the fabric in, which makes it 1/8 yard in and ¼ yard out.
I also finished watching the Craftsy class on hand appliqué with Mimi Dietrich. Now I’m going back through to make some notes as I prep the blocks. More on that quilt in a future post.
I made myself an appliqué pillow for another ¼ yard and two bags of batting scraps out. I tried using a regular throw pillow but found the size too awkward to handle. This pillow is more the size of a travel pillow. Using up the batting scraps freed up much needed drawer space.

Looks like this year I’ll keep positive numbers the hard way, one small bust at a time.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 3.8 yards
Fabric Out: 7.4 yards
Net Fabric Used: 3.625 yards

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One Response to Applique-ing The Stash

  1. Every little bit helps! Though it sure takes a long time for all those little bits to add up.

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