Not The Usual

Several recent posts mentioned the Craftsy class I took on hand appliqué. I’ve started prepping pieces for an abbreviated version of the class project quilt. I don’t like all the blocks enough to make them and I want to move on to appliqué UFOs as soon as possible. The blocks chosen cover all the skills taught in the class except making and appliquéing stems. I’ll have to catch that skill in some other project.
I surprised myself by choosing these fabrics.

applique-fabricsThe florals serve as the focus fabrics and have what I think of as a modern look. Most of these fabrics came together in a grab bag I bought from a vendor at guild last year. No idea what possessed me to buy them.
The black and white geometric is the background fabric. I bought that at an estate sale last year. I’m not sure how it will work out, but I’m game to try.
These fabrics broke every rule from the class. That geometric background may make my eyes cross when I stitch on it. It is also very hard to mark. The instructor suggested not using solids, but I picked a few anyway. The quilt said it needed it with the busy background.
The best part is that all the fabric came from stash.
The six-inch blocks should stitch up fast. Stay tuned to see how they turn out.

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