Showing Up

Sometimes you get so caught up in life that it feels like you’re being swept down a raging river. Once you wash up on shore you wonder what, exactly, just happened.
The past three years of my life have been a blur of dealing with mom’s issues, health and otherwise, on top of an exhausting work schedule. For a while there, all I did at home was eat and sleep.
Then one day I realized my house was filthy, I had a backlog of personal things that needed attention, I wasn’t spending any time with my family and the exhaustion was affecting my health. Some days I thought I’d explode if I didn’t do something creative. I needed off that train.
It’s been a slow process, but I am reclaiming my life. I cut my hours at work and started sewing again. I visit mom more frequently for shorter amounts of time. (For those of you that are newer readers, mom is in the advanced stages of dementia.) I started chipping away at the backlogged to-do list.
On the creative side I use The Short List, which I talk about here near the first of every month.
For the all the errands, chores and projects I use a looser version of a short list to help me focus on the most important things I need to do this month.
For both lists, I make sure I show up.
I can’t get there every night, but most nights I go into the sewing room and do something. I might only put things away, but most nights even that turns into taking a few stitches or cutting fabric. The important part of the process is to get myself into the room. The rest takes care of itself.
For what I call my “house list”, I might pull out my cleaning supplies or put a few things away. Maybe I stick papers in my bag so I remember to call that day. Sometimes I’ll put mending in the living room so I see it that night. The first steps are the hardest. After that it’s easier to show up.
Once you get some momentum going, showing up becomes a habit. This is a great way to start an exercise program or learn something new.
Want to try a new recipe? Print it out and leave it where you see it every day. Bookmark it on your phone so you buy the ingredients at the store. Leave the non-perishable ingredients on the counter as a reminder. Works like a charm.
If you give it a try, let me know how it works for you.
I also want to thank everyone for visiting the blog, and special thanks to those that comment. My readers are a wealth of information and I’ve

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