Crazy Week, Quiet Stitching

I don’t know how one little old lady can cause so much craziness, but mom had her moments this week. I had more than one day with multiple calls from the nursing care facility.
Mom came down with a bit of an infection. It wasn’t a big deal, but the facility insisted I take her to the doctor for it. In the mean time, the visiting doctor put her on antibiotics. That made her vomit. Without nausea or any other warning.
Even though they’d called me several times in a few days, they didn’t bother to mention that before I put her in license boy’s car to take her to the doctor.
Can you see where this is going?
We actually made it all the way into the exam room before she got sick. The whole appointment was a bizarre mix of her vomiting while the doctor and I lifted her to remove clothes and put clothes back on. The doctor had to get an exam in there too.
I was so flustered by the time it was over that I threw her sock in the envelope with the doctor’s orders because I couldn’t get one shoe back on over it.
Thankfully, the doctor took her off that medicine. It was clear sailing to the routine appointment today.
To balance that out I worked on the appliqué class project this week.

applique-daisy-in-processI’d forgotten how long hand appliqué takes. The background fabric shadowed through the pink a little, so I had to figure out how fix that. A little bit of interfacing did the trick.
The crazy background fabric doesn’t bother me when I applique. I was a little worried because it made my eyes cross when I cut the blocks.
I have a school event early tomorrow and then a Mother’s Day tea at the nursing facility mid-morning. The rest of the weekend is dedicated to resting. And stitching.

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One Response to Crazy Week, Quiet Stitching

  1. Denise says:

    I wish you a very quiet and stitching weekend!! Happy Mother’s Day!! I love the background you chose for your applique.

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