Idea Notebooks And Inspiration Files

Do you keep an idea notebook? How about an inspiration file?
For me these are totally different things. An idea notebook is a place to write down ideas, concepts and techniques. It’s the place where I “what if” the common into something I haven’t seen before. It’s also a place to take something I’ve seen a few steps further.
My inspiration file is where I keep pictures, cards and sketches that intrigue me. Although many of the images are quilts, some are not. The quilts are not ones I want to make. Usually one aspect of the image catches my attention. It may be a color combination or a pattern. Sometimes it’s an unexpected use of a familiar shape, like a heart, or the mixing of shapes not often seen together. Almost anything can end up here.
From left to right: my idea notebook, my inspiration files and my inspiration album. The photo slots in the album are the perfect size to hold clippings from catalogs and magazines. I always keep enough of the print to identify the artist and fold it behind the picture.

inspiration-filesI don’t keep files like this for any other area of my life. Maybe that’s something to work on going forward. I’ve heard of keeping idea files for home decorating and children’s activities, as well as travel. I like the travel idea. I’m past the point of entertaining license boy and not yet to the grandma phase, so no child file for me.
A recipe file might be a good one too. I’m forever finding recipes I want to try and then forgetting where I saw them.
So why all the focus on ideas and inspiration? I’ve been reviewing my idea notebook the last few nights looking for the next “new” thing to hit The Short List. The need to move one of those ideas into form is an idea that won’t go away. It must be done.
I’ll let you know what I decide.

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One Response to Idea Notebooks And Inspiration Files

  1. Denise says:

    Hi Donna,
    Have you tried I used to keep an idea folder/book. Now, I use Pinterest to save images and things that interest me. I can access it any time and there is not paper to store.
    Have a great weekend!!

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