It’s All About The Music

It’s been a week of unpleasant realizations.
Rather than dwell on that, I fill my mind with more positive thoughts.
When I need a mood boost, I watch first auditions on YouTube, usually for one of the singing shows, like The Voice or X-Factor. Odd, since I never watch the actual shows when they run on television.
Music is a natural mood lifter. I always feel better after listening to just about anything.
What appeals to me about those videos is the beauty of watching another person do what they were born to do. In brilliant auditions, the contestant is in the zone. Sometimes you can see that the crowd melts away for him or her. The singer becomes the song.
It reminds me that, in spite of what is going on in my life, another day will come when I go into the sewing room and lose myself in a project. The rest of the world melts away. It’s just me, the fabric, the hum of the machine and the rhythm of the needle. The pieces come together and become more than they were apart. Ideas flow.
While music plays in the background.

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1 Response to It’s All About The Music

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    Sometimes I really hate being a grown up…

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