Roof View

I just spent two long days hanging out with mom in the hospital.
She went in for testing so the doctor could determine if anything was so wrong that it needed fixed right now. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. She still has issues but we will deal with them on an outpatient basis.
Sitting around the hospital gave me lots of time for observation, and lots of things to observe.
Have you ever noticed that the view from most hospital rooms is the roofs of adjacent buildings?
This was mom’s first time in this hospital. It had the healthiest cafeteria I’d ever seen. No fast food. No junk food. Less healthy choices were penalty priced. No kidding. Lettuce and veggies on the salad bar cost about 30% less than potato salad. French fries were crazy expensive, but a bowl of soup only cost a few dollars.
The place was engineered to restrict the transmission of germs too. There were no magazines in any of the waiting rooms. The staff used hand sanitizer like crazy and changed gloves every time they touched something different. No coughing or sneezing from the staff. I wonder if it was forbidden? The forks in the cafeteria came out of a dispenser so you could only touch the one you took. It even stuck out so you wouldn’t touch the dispenser.
I felt like I’d stepped into a different world.
I did manage to do some appliqué, which I’ll show in a post later this week.
Now I’m back in my normal germ filled potato-eating world. It’s good to be home.

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