Coconut Flour Cookies

I had some cocoonut flour sitting around too long and decided to use it up. I found a bunch of recipes here, and decided to try this one.
I read the reviews and saw that many people thought the cookies came out too dry to eat. Really? I’ve been gluten free for years and when is a GF baked good NOT so dry that you have to take a drink of water after every bite? Concerns noted though.
I made these cookies twice. The first time I didn’t measure the ingredients carefully and I burnt them. They were still edible, but I knew I could do better.
The second time I measured carefully. I went a little light on the butter, a little heavy on the almond extract and had to add an extra half tablespoon of coconut flour. I used about 1.5T of honey, maybe a little less. I only cooked them 7 minutes.

If I make them again I will cook them even less. I don’t like my cookies over-browned.
I also found that storing them in an airtight container in the fridge helps keep them soft. I didn’t have issues with crumbling.
What I like about this recipe – it makes a small batch, seven or eight cookies. That’s plenty for me without needing to freeze them. They aren’t over sweet and the almond extract gives them lots of flavor. I can make a batch start to finish in 20 minutes.
In future batches I will try vanilla extract instead of almond and maybe add some finely chopped nuts.
This recipe goes in the keep file.

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