What If Wednesday – On Books

I listen to audio books in the car because I spend so much time there. My main office is 25 minutes from home, the next office 10 minutes away and the last office 20 minutes across town. I spend at least an hour in the car every day, more on most days.
Do you know how many audio books that translates into a year?
An hour into the current book I started thinking that it contained little information I hadn’t heard before. I didn’t mind the reminder since good ideas are worth repeating. But I had to wonder if I would be better off spending more time on the books I already own than continuing to absorb new ones.
And then I wondered what other areas of my life could benefit from the same.
Rather than spend time on something new, could I experience the same joy thoroughly investigating things I had barely explored? Could my entire life become a collection of series work?
So I took a second look at my non-fiction book collection and started using some that I previously browsed. I also added balancing poses to my yoga practice. There are so many types of yoga that this is a bottomless well of possibilities. I dusted off some very old cookbooks and we now enjoy a wider variety of meals.
No doubt this approach will spill over to my quilting. What if I worked in series? It’s something I’ve thought about for years, but I tend to lose interest after a few quilts. I honestly believe that if I can’t get at least several quilts out of a solid idea, I’m not trying hard enough.
We live in the age of distraction. So much information comes flying at us so fast, it’s easy to get lost in the storm. At this place in my life, I’m ready for a little quiet.
I will still check books out of the library, especially fiction, for the entertainment value. I will still read blogs and go to quilt groups to see what’s going on in the world. But my focus has shifted to experiencing fewer things in more depth rather than covering a lot of ground.
Who knows what I might discover if I really look.

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