Rose Hughes Class

Last Friday I took a class with Rose Hughes on adding hand stitching to quilts to give them texture and dimension.
We all started practice pieces to experiment with color and stitches. It’s amazing how little hand stitching you get done in a six-hour class.

class-projectI’m not sure where I’m heading with this piece but it feels like somewhere I haven’t been before. That’s always a little exciting and scary, in a good way. If nothing else, I now look at quilts and embellishment differently.
At Art Quilt Group last night someone brought the most recent Quilting Arts magazine. Hand embroidery on art quilts looks to be all the rage based on the quilts in that issue. I’ve probably seen it for years and never really noticed it. Like so many things in life, it got lost in all the background noise.
Of course, once you open your mind to one possibility, many others appear. So goes it this week with opportunities to create flowing my way. More on that Friday when I post the August Short List.

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