What If Wednesday – Quilting Consciously

Last week I posted about doing something you love every day as a means to improve the overall quality of your life. I’ve had a lean spell with quilting lately and need to get back in the habit, for my own peace of mind. I needed a plan.
My interest in this runs deeper than just the quilting. I have two other situations in my life that cause me a great deal of stress, and they both involve digging out from under an overwhelming amount of crap. I figure any process that gets me back in the sewing room can also get me out of the shit pile, so to speak.
This week I tried consciously planning my day first thing every morning. I have a work list. I have a home list. I have a sewing list. The lists are short and task oriented. If I don’t complete a task one day it moves to the next day’s list. It’s a little like The Short List, only with a narrower scope.
So far this method has worked well at the day job. I’m hit or miss at home, but the laundry is caught up mid-week, which counts for something. I sewed four of the last five days. I call that a victory.
I waste less time because I default to my small task list. I don’t have to think too hard about what to do next. I don’t drift in indecision and accomplish nothing, a subtle form of procrastination. I have focus.
Is the shit pile noticeably smaller? Pffff. As if. What took years to create cannot be shoveled away in a few days.
My stress level is down though. I don’t feel as overwhelmed because I’m doing something to change my situation. The mental game is everything.
Have I mentioned the laundry is caught up?
The next step is coordinating the monthly Short List with the daily task list so they both play nicely together. The Short List may have to take one for the team.

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