Something Different

The sewing room has finally lived up to its name this week. I quilted on both the Still Life and the Craftsy Class quilts and stitched on this appliqué block.

dresden-blockI’ve worked on this block off and on for years. It will take some serious pressing to get all those wrinkles out. That’s what I get or folding it up and storing it all that time. I believe I started this project over ten years ago.

Although this quilt could be on the Short List as a UFO or an appliqué project, it isn’t. How it came to be the project of choice is a story for another post. I only have a couple more spokes to stitch down and then I can move on to the next block. I only have a few more blocks to make and I can set them into a rather large bed quilt.
That’s taking slow cloth to a whole new level.

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