Stash Report And A Stroke Of Luck

There are some purchases you just can’t regret, no matter what it does to the stash.
We always stop at the Goodwill in Delaware, Ohio when we pass through Columbus. It’s the best one ever, clean and well organized. I’ve found some incredible deals there.
I’d already found a silk cardigan, a blazer and a pair of designer jeans that looked new. I stay away from household because I’m still getting rid of mom’s stuff. I turned a corner and ended up in the craft aisle, and there it was. A large bag of fabric. With batiks. And hand dyes.
I took it over to my friend and asked her if it was what I thought it was. Yes, it was.
There was about 9 yards of this Kona fabric, in several color ways.

Kona-Bay-fabricThe rest was either batiks or hand dyes. If I had to guess, I’d say the hand dyes are Ricky Tims fabrics.

Dyed-and-BatiksThere is one piece with a spiral design that I’ll photograph when there is someone home to hold it up.
All total there was 24.75 yards of fabric in that bag, all for $5. I truly feel blessed.
On the way back we stopped there again and each of us scored new cutting mats for a few dollars. Many of the lines are worn off mine, so that was a great find too.
No fabric out. I’ll finish the Craftsy class quilt this week and put it in next week’s numbers.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 32.95 yards
Fabric Out: 18.15 yards
Net Fabric ADDED: 14.8 yards

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6 Responses to Stash Report And A Stroke Of Luck

  1. Congratulations! Thrift stores are good shopping places.

  2. Wow! Color me jealous 🙂 There is never anything like this in our goodwill! Congratulations on your find!

  3. Gayle says:

    Great find!

  4. Jan O says:

    What a great find! Sometimes it’s so worth it for the stash numbers to take a hit, when you can get such great fabric for so little $.

  5. Kate says:

    What a treasure!

  6. sandydh says:

    Holy cow–what a find! My Goodwills don’t have stuff like that. Or maybe I should start haunting them more often!

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