What If Wednesday – Original Intent

What if I get back to the original intent of What If Wednesdays?
The original What If post talked about doing things I enjoy, using books off my shelf, expanding creatively and cooking. It all turned into a how-to experiment on changing my life to include those things.
And that turned into a path worth walking. As things come full circle I managed to finish two Short List projects this week. Now all my focus areas have had their day in the sun.
Spending time in the sewing room got me looking at my purchases and found objects with an eye toward experimentation.
I’ve accumulated oil pastels, watercolor crayons, fabric medium, foam, Styrofoam, textured bits of everything from placemats to greeting cards, bangles, beads, fancy yarns, decorative threads and new dye colors. The more I clean and organize, the more things I find. I think they multiply when I’m not looking.
So do I pick the project and work in the item or chose the item and develop a project around it? Either method works. I’ve done it both ways but tend to choose the project to fit the item or technique.
The hardest decision is what to play with first. So many toys, so little time.
I’ll just have to go back in the sewing room and see what calls to me.

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