Cut And Out

I spent most of the morning cutting the pieces for the memory quilt. What’s left of the fabric goes to my guild for charity quilts, per the daughter’s request, and the guild meets tomorrow. I will have plenty of out-of-town guests in the next month and needed to get the excess fabric out of the house.
I cut everything except super stretchy knits, vinyl and red fury Christmas stocking fabrics. This quilt will have seersucker, corduroy, home dec, suitings, terry cloth, batiste, swiss dot, polyester, denim and chambray. I hope all those fabrics bring back fond memories for the daughter.
I held back a bag of fabric for borders, binding and the back. I didn’t want to be kicking myself for donating too much fabric before the quilt was done.
I have to lay this one out before I start sewing. I don’t usually do that until I have the blocks sewn, but all these unique fabrics may not play nicely together. I will also need to interface a few of the thinner fabrics.
The Pattern is Almost Amish Scrap Quilt by Janet Jones Worley from the book Quilting For Busy Boomers. Mine will look nothing like the one pictured.

memory-quilt-piecesI’m linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.

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One Response to Cut And Out

  1. All those fabrics are going to make an interesting quilt. It should have lots of tactile and visual elements. Quilting will be interesting, though. I’m curious to see what you’re planning for the quilting since the fabrics will have different weights to them. Guess I’ll have to come back for a visit soon! Enjoy your new project.

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