I’m one of those people that uses things until there is nothing left. I run my cars until they can’t be repaired. I wear my shoes until they look like something chewed on them. I use my appliances until they die.
My computer is no different.
So now I need to apologize for not commenting on other blogs lately. My desktop computer shows the place where the comment box should be as a big empty space. No more commenting for me until I upgrade.
I’ve also had trouble with the iPad not connecting to anything lately, my own blog included. Most nights I give up and go do something else. Even still-living-at-home-guy had to admit defeat today and use his desktop computer instead.
I will soon need to bite the bullet and get a new PC on a much higher version of Windows. Upgrading is much like any other unpleasant event. It’s hours of my life I’ll never get back.
Maybe I can sweet talk the guys into doing it for me.

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One Response to Obsolescence

  1. lapaylor says:

    i feel your pain because it’s mine too. It’s time to get a new one and I don’t want to!!!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

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