A Different Week

Times they are a changin’.
This week I have family visiting from three different states. My big accomplishment was turning the sewing room back into a guest room without making the house look like something off Hoarders. It’s amazing what happens when you put things away.
We did more work in the garage today and I’m so close to getting my car in I can taste it. I’m determined not to spend another snowy, bitter cold winter in the driveway.
To offset all those steps in the right direction, another person’s decisions caused a major derail for one of my other goals. I had no control over the situation. My goal just ended up being collateral damage.
I’m not angry, just wishing it could have happened another way. Maybe events will occur that turn it all into positive movement on a different path. Maybe not. I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around adjusting my schedule to keep things on track, but believe it will all work out in the end.
Meanwhile, I just keep sewing.

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