Stash Report And Quiet

All the family left this morning to get back to their everyday lives. My sister needed to be at the airport at 5:15 am. When I got home I went back to bed.
The house seems too quiet now. That’s the most family I’ve seen at once since dad passed sixteen years ago. We’re spread all over the country now and group get-togethers are few and far between.
Even the animals are looking for all those people that petted them this week.
This wasn’t the week to finish anything. I did go to a couple shops with my sister and didn’t buy any fabric, just batting because it was on sale.
The sewing room looks great because I had to clean it up for use as a guest room. There are a few things I didn’t put back and may not. I really like that I can sit on the bed and look over a pattern or play with fabrics somewhere other than the floor.

clean-sewing-roomWe’ll see how long I can keep it this way.
I’m linking to Patchwork Times.
Fabric In: 32.95 yards
Fabric Out: 19.65 yards
Net Fabric ADDED: 13.3 yards

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1 Response to Stash Report And Quiet

  1. Kate says:

    It’s so nice to start with a clean sewing room. Happy stitching this week.

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