What If Wednesday: Creative Play

Do you allow time for creative play?
One could argue that any time spent quilting, painting, carving, etc. is creative play, but that’s not what I mean. Do you take time to experiment beyond your normal creative patterns?
What if creative play became a regular visitor to the sewing room?
There have been times, although not recently, that I have done some experimenting with fabric paints. Then life got in the way and I didn’t think about it. Now the idea has come back with a vengeance and includes all the toys I have accumulated during my “down time”.

creative-toysThe watercolor crayons and oil pastels intrigue me the most, although the round foam shape and the textured items also have my attention. I’d forgotten about the bronze dye. The possibilities are endless.
Maybe I can take a page out of Big Magic and agree to create with these items. I can’t promise what I create will be good or interesting or ultimately end up in a quilt, but I can agree to create.
Maybe I’ll just show up and see what happens.

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1 Response to What If Wednesday: Creative Play

  1. love this! I haven’t enjoyed creative play in awhile. Looking forward to hear what happens during your playtime! 🙂

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