What If Wednesday: Reality Check

What if the fastest way to a long-term goal requires sacrificing a short-term goal?
It might sound counter-intuitive, but it makes sense.
I hit the bottom of one of those crap piles in my life last weekend. I can now park my car in the garage. This is where we started a year and a half ago.

mom's-stuff-garageTo get there I had to sacrifice the goal of cleaning out one of the storage units this month. Everything in the garage did not go into storage, but a carload of it did. I can live with that. The first below freezing morning this fall I did not have to scrape my car windows.
I came to a similar realization with The Short List. Some of the categories have to go so I can better focus on the remaining categories. There will be major revisions to the November Short List.
And no week is complete without an ironic twist of fate.
This quilt went to live in its new home this week.

sunflower-quilt-finishedI guess our friend didn’t want me to get bored because he sent over this box to see if I could “do something with it”.

crown-royal-bagsThe box has about 50 bags in two different sizes. I’ll have to think about it before I say yes or no. It could be a time-sucking project from hell or the beginning of a wonderful adventure. It might even become a personal challenge.
It’s all about trading one goal for another.

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