November Short List

I did some soul searching about The Short List and decided that it had too many categories. Unless they are small, I seldom work on more than two projects a month and usually only finish one. Three or four projects always carry to the next month and I feel like a failure, which is so not the point of The Short List. Any finish is a win. The perception comes in the packaging.
Starting with November, The Short List will have three categories: Something Old (UFO), Something New and Creative Play. I may or may not name the Creative Play project. It depends if I have an idea in mind that won’t go away or I want to do whatever strikes me at the time. All projects will fit in the first two categories. Play, after all, should be play.
Something Old: The snippet butterfly quilt. This is my oldest UFO and just needs quilted.

snippet-butterfly.jpgSomething New: A co-worker gave me four large bags of fabric to donate to my guild and I decided to make a quilt for his wife out of the fabric. Her mother passed away earlier this year and was a life-long sewer. I’ve started piecing this.

memory-blocksSomething Else New, because rules are made for breaking. My sister sent me a small embroidered piece that just needs a border and a little quilting to hold it together. I want to turn this around so she can hang it this Christmas.

embroidered-christmas-treeCreative Play: Whatever I feel like at the time.
In spite of the extra “new” project, this will work better. I’ll have the small finish, and I hope to have the memory quilt top done by the November guild meeting so I can donate the rest of the fabric. Once the blocks are done I can take in what I don’t plan to use for borders, backing or binding.
Sounds like a plan to me.

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1 Response to November Short List

  1. I like your short list and I tend to have way too many things on my list. I like how you have “creative play” on your list and that is something I’m looking at adding something like that for my 2016 goals.

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