Gluten Free Goodies

I tried a few more products, but once again forgot to take pictures of everything. Maybe I’ll remember next time.
Martha White came out with a gluten free blueberry muffin mix. I found it on the shelf next to the regular mixes. I find it very confusing when stores put some gluten free products in a special section and leave others next to their gluten filled counterparts. I believe it was only a couple dollars for the mix and it made eight muffins. They tasted close to the real thing until I refrigerated them, and then they got a little gritty. I don’t know that refrigeration was necessary, but I don’t eat things fast enough to leave them sit out. I’d buy this one again.
I also tried these Live Gfree chips.

gluten-free-chipsI liked these, but no one else here did. They actually taste like something. I especially enjoyed them with tomato soup. I think I bought these at Aldi’s, which is the Big Lots of the grocery world. I don’t know that I’ll ever see them again since they carry odd items that they buy who knows where. Surprisingly, Aldi’s now carries a large selection of gluten free products considering the small size of their stores. On the down side, they never seem to carry the same things twice. I’ll keep an eye out for these at the regular grocery store.
As always, no affiliation with the product manufacturers or the stores.

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