What If Wednesday: Pattern Possibilities

What if I change up the pattern used for the memory quilt?
Just to give credit where due, the original pattern is Almost Amish Scrap Quilt by Janet Jones Worley from the book Quilting For Busy Boomers.
Here’s what the memory quilt looks like, sans borders.

memory-quilt-rowsHere’s the first modification.

Memory change 1Here’s the second.

memory change 2I put a strip where the squares were and squares where some strips were. What a huge difference a few changes and a controlled palette makes.  I also used a 5 by 7 block set instead of a 3 by 4.
I don’t consider either of these patterns “done”. I would tweak them more before I made either, but I do like them better than the original quilt.
It had been so long since I played in EQ I had to think hard about how to do things. Based on how the time flew by, I’d been away too long.
It all comes back to that creative play, the place where the magic happens.

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