Gluten Free For Meals

I’m way behind on my gluten free food reviews. I usually post about sweets or snacks, but this time I’m reviewing real food.
First up is Ronzoni Gluten Free pasta. I’m pleased to report that it doesn’t leave a ring of pasty sludge around the edge of the pan. That might be a first in my experience. It also cooks quicker than most other gluten free pastas. I found it on the clearance shelf at Kroger, which means I have no idea if they will carry it in the future.
Next I tried Glutino Gluten Free stuffing. Stove Top this is not. You have to cut up and cook your own veggies, and then it bakes in the oven for about 35 minutes. All in it took about an hour to make. It was worth it to have stuffing on Thanksgiving for the first time in many years. This was another Kroger clearance find. I’m wondering if it might be a seasonal item too.

gluten-free-mealLast is Perdue chicken fingers. I’m not a greasy processed food kind of girl, but I needed a small amount of protein with my breakfast and I had to move away from nuts and nut butters. If you have kids that need to eat gluten free, these are perfect. I get mine at Walmart. They turn out far less greasy in the oven than the microwave. I won’t buy these again only because it’s not my kind of food. They taste enough like the real thing that my family eats them when they run out of the wheat coated ones.
I have to give credit to food manufacturers for the improvements they’ve made in the taste of gluten free products. There wasn’t a loser in the bunch.
I have no affiliation with any of these companies, nor did I receive free samples in exchange for my review.
The Kroger clearance shelf is my best friend these days. You’ll see lots more product reviews given all the things I find there.

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