A Christmas Finish

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to all who don’t. The long holiday weekend is doing wonders for my sewing to-do list.
I finished the Bell UFO yesterday, more or less.

Bells-finishedThe base is a piece of wood wrapped in batting and covered in fabric. I actually hand sewed the fabric around the wood because I had doubts about glue holding over time.
I also had to sew the sparkly ribbon on by hand because glue didn’t work with it. At that point I gave up and sewed the bells on by hand too.
Hand sewing anything on or around a piece of wood is incredibly awkward. By the time everything was attached I’d had enough.
The ribbon and decorations on the top are not connected to the piece. It looked a little bare, but I wasn’t sold on anything I auditioned. I’ll live with it a while and finish off the ribbon ends if I decide to leave it.
I’m linking to Off The Wall Friday.

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One Response to A Christmas Finish

  1. What a lovely holiday piece to bring out year after year.

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