What If Wednesday: Paint Fixes Everything

The Circle quilt is one of my January Short List projects.

When I pulled it out of the UFO box I discovered it had a couple problems. The fabric must have gotten damp while it was folded in the box and the hand dyed pink bled onto the background in a circle shape (half way up right side). It didn’t look bad, it just looked lonely.

circle-UFOA few other places on the top looked dirty. That might have been the fabric or a result of the dampness. I doubt it shows in the picture.
Rather than try to get the pink off the background, I decided to add more painted circles so it looked like I put the pink one there intentionally.

painted-circlesI painted the first circle (green, upper right) with a brush and didn’t like the unevenness of the paint. After that I painted circles on bubble wrap and stamped it on the top. Now that pink circle doesn’t look so lonely and the dirty areas are covered.
The top is basted and ready for quilting. If I was as fearless with my machine quilting as I am with the paint I’d be finishing quilts right and left. I’ll get there….someday.

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